Awesome Classic Crime Books and Novels You Should Pick Up

People read books and novels for various reasons. They are a source of entertainment, they expand knowledge and reading is simply therapeutic. Crime books are one of the most thrilling literature genres. The following are some of the best classic crime books every reading lover should look for.

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express is a crime novel by Agatha Christie, first published on 1 January 1934 in the United Kingdom. Later, there was a United States publication of the same under the title ‘Murder in the Calais Coach.’ The novel involves a murder on a train named Orient Express moving from the Middle East to London. Poirot, one of the starring characters, had to first solve the murder before heading home.

The Moonstone

This is a detective novel by Wilkie Collins published in 1868 by the Tinsley Brothers. Some of the characters spicing things up in the story are Rachel Verinder, Gabriel Betteredge, Lady Verinder, Colonel Herncastle and Penelope Betteredge. It is a classic crime book worth your time in 2021. You can find the novel online or get it in hardcopy from libraries.

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep is a crime novel written by Raymond Chandler which features characters such as Philip Marlowe, General Sternwood, Eddie Mars, Carmen Sternwood and Terrance Regan. It is a highly liked book published in 1939 with 277 pages. The story involves characters exposing secrets and double-crossing each other.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This is a 21st-century book published in August 2005 you can read today. The novel by Stieg Larsson was initially written in Swedish. In January 2008, an English publication was released. It is a crime thriller and mystery book with characters such as Mikael Blomkvist, Lisbeth Salander and Erika Berger. Albeit recent, the book’s setting makes it worth a mention among classic novels.