The Rise of the Crime Fiction Genre

Crime books and novels are top-rated today, dating as far back as the 19th century. It has different styles of writing and sub-genres. The main focus is usually on a crime that has been committed by a primary character and the process of solving it. The books, therefore, present a puzzle to the readers for them to solve as they follow along the story or be part of the process of solving it. This is one of the most significant contributors to why crime novels and books are so popular.

An Appeal to Find Meaning

Among its many sub-genres, true crime books have gathered a lot of popularity and a following across the globe. One of the reasons for this is the human need to find meaning. Crime novels and books, both factual and fiction, usually present the perpetrator of the crime and the events that lead to their commuting the given crime. For example, murder is a popular theme in the world of crime. Although many people would not typically commit this heinous crime, the possibility of it happening is fascinating. Many people are curious to know what would make another person do such a thing.

Simple Cause and Effect

Crime books and novels also have a straightforward way of indulging their readers. Most of them are simple in the structure of presenting the crime, the perpetrator and justifications for why things happened the way they did. Readers can follow the story and clearly understand the plot. This makes it easy to consume and applies to a broad audience.

Whether true or fictional, people continue to be fascinated by crime and the events that lead up to it taking place. Once the crime is solved, the reader is usually let in by the author on the events that also take place after it has been solved. This is arguably the main reason why they are so popular because readers are allowed to form their own perceptions as the story unfolds.