The Nine Tailors

Dorothy L Sayers’ classic crime novel first hit the shelves back in 1934, and has since continued to be regarded as one of the best crime novels ever written. Taking place in contemporary London, the plot follows not just one crime, but a series of interconnected events that slowly reveal themselves to the reader. Containing all of the great classic crime elements (more information here), theft of highly prized and expensive jewellery, murder, and prison breaks, this novel won’t leave you wanting for more.

Packed full of unforgettable characters whose backstories and connection to the various crimes are explored in great detail, The Nine Tailors was bound to become one of the greatest crime novels that continues to be loved by fans of the genre almost a century after publication.

Considered a must read by anyone in search of great classic crime, this is a book that you aren’t soon going to forget, and even knowing the plot won’t spoil any subsequent readings. Definitely one that you’ll find yourself talking to your friends about for a long time to come, be certain to add this to your reading list for crime books.