Do Modern Crime Writers Use Snus?

Both true and fictional crime stories have been popular amongst the general public for many years. They captivate readers due to what they can tell us about the dark side of humanity. Some books give us an insight into the criminal mind or allow law enforcement to better prevent such incidents in the future. Others have a visceral allure to them. It seems likely that this form of literature will always have an appeal.


For many years a large portion of crime writers would have been fans of cigarettes. However, this is no longer the case. Throughout the 20th century society became more aware of just how harmful it was to human health. England banned smoking in public places in 2007. In the years since this came into effect there has been a sharp decrease in sales of cigarettes.

This does not necessarily mean that nicotine has completely disappeared. Instead, crime writers have chosen alternatives. Many believe that snus is one option. British authors will struggle to find this product as there is a ban on it. Luckily, websites such as Haypp offer legal snus alternatives.


Creating a crime book can be an extremely frustrating process. The person might suddenly suffer from writer’s block. They also need to work to tight deadlines and lock heads with editors. The stress could become too much for them to bear. When this happens they need immediate relief. Nicotine is popular for this reason. Snus style products are safer than cigarettes because there is no smoke involved. Furthermore, they can be discreetly and conveniently kept in the author’s pocket. There are different flavours and strengths for people to try out.

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