Crime Books And Augmentation

There is a rich history of female crime writers. Arguably the most famous is Agatha Christie. She spent decades releasing a large number of popular murder mystery novels. Some critics even believe she helped to develop the genre in its modern form.

Today, a lot of women try to become the next Christie. All they need is a keyboard and an imagination. These types of books sell well and therefore it is possible to make a living from writing them. There are numerous factors to consider in order to become a success. The most obvious is the story itself. However, it is also important that the crime writer thinks about their own physical self. Some authors might consider an augmentation procedure. For example, the teardrop implant services of Motiva may be appealing. This form of surgery is beneficial for authors in several ways.

Feeling Comfortable Whilst Writing

It can take many weeks or even months to complete a crime novel. The person needs to dedicate a set amount of time each day to sitting at their keyboard. When doing so they will not want to be impeded by feelings of discomfort. For this reason they may be wary of augmentation. However, a teardrop implant from Motiva will have a natural feel to it. They are made using cutting edge technology.

Whilst On A Book Tour

If a crime book is to sell it needs to be promoted. This might mean that the writer has to go on a book tour for an extended period of time. When doing so it is very important that they choose the right attire so that they convey a sense of professionalism. A teardrop implant will complement a smart looking outfit.

Using Augmentation In the Crime Novel

Before beginning a story it is always a good idea to come up with a concise theme. This could be body augmentation. The world of cosmetic surgery is a great place to set a murder mystery. The author can use their imagination to create interesting set pieces. Women already with implants will have enough insider knowledge to start this type of story.