Decorating Your Reading Space

Whether you are a fan of crime novels or not, you will need to create the perfect reading space to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to get lost in the literary world. This might be a whole room where you create a library feel or just a little alcove or corner of a space that is all yours.

Where Do I Start?

If you have a specific genre you prefer, such as crime books and novels, you might want to use that as a theme for decorating. Look for wallpapers at to see if there is anything that matches your taste. Wallpaper that has novels on it will make a great background if you decide to create a library area that would perfectly fit your book addiction!


One of the most important things you need is a comfortable place to sit, which might be a wing-back chair or even a two-seater sofa or chaise longue to rest on with your feet up while you enjoy reading the latest novel from your favourite author. You are potentially going to be sitting for a long time, so you need to make sure you get something that is both supportive and cosy too.

Have Fun with It

Have you heard about decoupage? Basically, it is the art of cutting paper pictures and words and using them to decorate an item to create a piece that is entirely unique. You glue them on and varnish over them; this means they are suitable for tabletops, lamps, shelving or even walls. If you are passing a charity shop, or see someone throwing out old books, why not take them and repurpose them in this way? You will be creating something personal to you, and it will be a great feature in your reading area. If you find a few books that have tatty covers, take them off the book and put them in a picture frame. If you get a few together, they will look good as a focal point in any room. You can use any loose pages for decoupaging your lamps and picture frames, but only do this if the book is in an irreparable state; old books that look a bit tatty might be worth a little money in the future.