Crime Books And Novels

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the year 1887. After appearing in several novels and short stories he has become one of the most iconic detectives in all of literature history. Holmes is famous for his methods of deduction and ability to solve practically any crime. He has transcended the original novels and been featured in a wide range of modern media. This has included big budget movies and popular television programmes.

True Crime Books

Not all books of this type are fictional. In fact, true crime has become a very popular genre in its own right. Most bookshops in the UK have sections entirely dedicated to true crime. This is nothing new. People have always been interested in the macabre details of infamous robberies and murders.

Real life criminals have become well known names thanks to extensive coverage of them in literature. Al Capone stands out as perhaps the most famous gangster of all time. Jack the Ripper, the unknown murderer continues to be read about all over the world, despite the fact that his crimes were committed over 100 years ago.

True Crime Medical Books

People who work in the medical industry may on occasion have to read text books that feature the physical aftermath of crimes. This could include knife or gunshot wounds. These texts are useful for students who want to have a career fixing trauma.

On the other hand patients themselves can use more modern methods for their medical needs. For instance, they could use an app like Livi to video chat with a professional. This is useful for getting prescriptions, referrals and general health advice.

The Millennium Series

This Swedish series of novels follows a young hacker called Lisbeth. Throughout the course of the main story she uncovers dark secrets about Sweden’s criminal underworld. She is joined by a journalist called Mikael who aids her in their various investigations. There have been several film adaptions of the books including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. A US adaption featuring Daniel Craig was also produced.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is by far the most famous novelist in the fictional crime genre. Her books have influenced generations of future authors. Her style of murder mystery is instantly recognisable. They are usually set in an isolated environment with a small group of characters trapped together. They must discover who amongst them is the murderer before they are all killed off. Christie invented two of the most well known fictional detectives. These are: Hercule Poirot, an ingenious policeman, as well as Miss Marple who fools criminals with her seemingly naive demeanour.