Bleeding Heart Square

Andrew Taylor’s 2009 novel is just one in a long list of fantastic modern crime novels that he’s written. The plot takes place in London in 1934, which immediately gives the reader fantastic insight in to just how different daily life was in those days (review by The Independent). Crime novels centered around period history have become increasingly popular in recent years and with Bleeding Heart Square it’s no surprise as to why.

The plot centers around a young and aristocratic Lydia Landstone who finds herself having to flee an abusive marriage. She winds up in a decaying cul-de-sac called Bleeding Heart Square and almost immediately finds herself wrapped up in the centre of a mystery that she hadn’t expected. A middle-aged spinster called Miss Penhow has gone missing, and the area is under surveillance by a seedy policeman who disguises himself in plain clothes. The intrigue continues to increase as the reader discovers that parcels of rotting hears are being sent to the last person to see Miss Penhow along, a man by the name of Joseph Serridge.

This novel is a must for anyone who is a fan of modern crime, so be sure to grab yourself a copy the next time you shop.