Crime Novels and Digital Reads

Crime novels are popular all over the globe and are a great way to immerse yourself in another world. Crime novels are for those who are looking for mystery, suspense, and drama. There are non-fiction and fiction crime novels, depending on what you are looking for; some people like to follow the tales of real crimes and enjoy better understanding the real-life mysteries and crimes of the world, and others prefer the idea of a fictional setting.

Many enjoy flipping the pages of their favourite novels and appreciate sharing, collecting and actually having their physical books, but many are turning more towards e-books and digital editions. Digital books are great because they are portable, in that they can be brought along with you on your laptop, tablet or phone that you often bring with you on your work or leisure trips anyway. There are also devices made specifically for reading digital books. If this definitely sounds of interest to you, you can check out and look at devices for reading your favourite crime novels.

Here are some of the top crime books you can download on your laptop, e-reader, tablet or phone:

  • In Cold Blood; this book is an award-winning true crime novel which follows the murders of a family in Kansas in 1959, as well as all of the consequences and aftermath of these crimes.
  • The Devil in the White City; this book goes back as far as 1893, and is based on real events but has fictional elements as well, making it a great balance of fiction and non-fiction. H.H. Holmes, a very complex and interesting murderer, sets up a hotel that he transforms into a killing house.
  • Columbine; this book explores the depths of the school shooting which shook the whole world in 1999. This book explores several perspectives of this tragedy and the broader implications and consequences.
  • Kiss the Girls; this book was written and published in 1995, and involves a detective who is able to cleverly put the pieces together, and identify similarities between the way in which two women were killed and a potential linkage between them.
  • Midnight in Mexico; this is a different kind of true crime novel and explores cartels and crime, by a journalist who actually involved himself to get the real story and inside scoop.

Countless true crime novels exist all over the world. The beauty of e-books and digital reads is that many of the most popular titles are available for download in more than one language, making them accessible to many different readers all over the world. Also, e-books tend to be more affordable and can even, in some instances, be rented.